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Tiece Mickens was born on September 16th in Augusta GA. Raised in Waynesboro GA, she attended the Burke County school system, K-12th grade. While in school she grew a passion for writing and journaling. However, In 2004 she began to write as an outlet used to escape reality of losing someone very dear to her heart. That unexpected loss led her down a path of authoring a fictional story filled with love, the lack thereof, and life's hurdles that would later become a number one bestseller on the Amazon charts in 2014 titled, Checkmate. With over fifty books written and counting, and thousands of downloads from loyal readers, her work performance, and the ability to keep you on the "edge of your seat" style of writing speaks for itself.

She is an author of African American Urban Fiction, Women's Contemporary Fiction, Street Lit, & Urban Romance. You can purchase Tiece’s books on Amazon.com through the kindle app and or also in paperback copies. Her books will also be in select bookstores soon. She is always setting new goals for herself, and a major ambition is to turn her books into films, whether that be movies or series episodes.


Having only one son and a grandbaby that she absolutely adores, she is truly content with the direction in which life is taking her. It is a journey well worth the travel and she looks forward to bringing more books and other innovative projects that she is working on your way. Stay Woke.

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